Something Completely New
What makes Mia Bath & Body different is…YOU! We think you are creative, passionate, and beautiful – and the products you use everyday to enrich that beauty should be a unique signature of your personality. So, we set out to create an incredible line of nature inspired, spa-quality products you customize with your own personal scent creation.
When you participate in a Mia Bath & Body party, you’ll experience the luxurious products first hand, and then have a ton of fun mixing, matching, and combining any of our 130 scents from our exclusive scent collection to create your one-of-a-kind scent recipe.
As you get to know more about our amazing company, the products, customization, and family of consultants, you'll realize that there is no other company out there quite like Mia Bath & Body.


Our Latest Catalog
At Mia, before we do anything else, we promise that each and every product is hand-made, just for you, using the best ingredients we could find, and they are made fresh when you order them. That guarantees that your products are of the highest quality. Because your skin absorbs what you put on it, we are just as cautious about what we don’t put in your products. They will always be SLS, Pthalate, and Paraben free. We also avoid using harsh alcohols that can irritate your skin. Many Mia goodies are vegan and made without gluten ingredients. Finally, we love fluffy bunnies, (and other sweet creatures), so we never test on anim...
The Mia Culture is all about family and fun. It’s not just a cliché; it really drives everything we do. We work hard and we play hard and we attract people that enjoy doing life and business that way, too. The Mia culture is a positive environment where we all help each other succeed with support and encouragement. We believe our greatest fulfillment comes from helping you achieve your dreams and feeling like you have found your home at Mia. Our journey together is about creating lasting friendships, fun experiences, and inspiring moments for a full and rich life not just of success, but of significance. THE 10 MIA COMMITMEN...
As a busy mother of 5 turned entrepreneur, I understand how important it is to balance life, family, career, community, and home.  And a big part of that balance is finding time to relax and pamper yourself...I call it my “Mia time”. After being diagnosed with Melanoma Skin Cancer at age 27, I realized how important it is to use products that are safe and healthy.   Not just for me, but for everyone. As I began researching available products, I realized there was a big need for quality, healthier alternatives in bath & body care.  I started experimenting with different products and scent combinations, and it ...
To help you get started in creating your own custom Mia Bath & Body products, it will help you to understand how the products are organized so you can choose the best products and bundles to serve your needs. Our spa-quality products are inspired by nature, focused on purity, and always SLS & Paraben free. CUSTOMIZED & PERSONALIZED JUST FOR YOU All of our spa-quality products are fully customizable to fit your style and personality. When you create a favorite custom scent at a Mia home party, we will add it to any of these amazing products and print a custom label that features your CUSTOM SCENT NAME, the LIST OF...
Quick Facts & Trivia

There is so much to know about Mia Bath & Body and these quick facts and trivia will give you some insight into the inner workings and behind-the-scenes magic of this incredible company.

In the early days of MíA Bath & Body there were no online software systems that were sophisticated enough to manage the deep customization process. Because of that, the first product orders were done manually (pen, paper, and fax/email) before a rudimentary online order system was eventually released to the consultants. Steph personally entered every single order and hand printed each label from the very first test party until January 2013 when their first online ordering system was launched.
During the pre-launch phase of MíA Bath & Body, there were 15 scent testers missing from the New Consultant Kit because Stephanie wanted to give the consultants the opportunity to be part of the final selection process to fill the empty spaces. The final scent collection of 130 fragrance and essential oils was announced at the 1st Annual Convention on August 9th, 2013 – almost 2 years after the very first MíA test party. During the test party phase, Steph's kit only had 45 scent testers.
Because the company had outgrown the basement of Stephanie & Joe’s home, everything was moved out of the house to an official office space near Salt Lake City, Utah. The consultants who attended the 1st Annual Convention were among the very first people to tour the new facility and see how the MíA Bath & Body has grown since the first home office tour conducted during the Future Founding Leader’s Retreat in March 2013.